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Open Pores

Aka large pores, enlarged pores, visible pores

We have pores all over our body, tiny holes that contain hair follicles and act as outlets for sebum. Pores size vary, when the sebaceous glands are active, the pores appear larger. Pores also appear larger as one gets older and when the skin starts to sag. When pores become enlarge, it may be easily clogged which usually leads to skin discoloration.

At present, no treatments or products that can close pores directly. However, we can reduce the pore size by reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands or improving the skin firmness that tighten the skin.

In healthy skin:-

This problem may further develop to:-

Skin Problem



• Without proper exfoliation, excessive build up of dead skin cells leads to an uneven skin tone

Cellnique solutions on minimizing open pores:-


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