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Understanding Your Skin

September 12, 2012 (Wed)  |  By Administrator  |  In Skin Care Tips
Facts: 1. The skin is the largest organ in our body. 2. There are two (2) main layers of the skin known as epidermis ( superficial )  & dermis ( deep ) which protects our inside organs. 3. New epidermis forms every 25-45 days. 4. The skin loses about 30,000 to 40,000 of dead skin cells from the surface almost every minute, even though you do not see it happening.   5. Dermis is also known as the ‘ Human hide’. It is rich in nerve endings, nerve fibres, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels.  Now that we know these facts, it is even more important to understand how we should put in the necessary effort to maintain a flawless skin despite the external factors that causes skin damage.

Greetings Cellnique’ians!

September 11, 2012 (Tue)  |  By Administrator  |  In About Cellnique Cosmaceutical
First and foremost, our heartiest thank you to those who have believed in us from the day we hatched up to this day. Since our establishment in 1996, we have and still are, thriving to deliver the best skincare solution for each an every one of you. Little did we know that our mission to deliver paramedic skin solution for you drove us to understand ourselves better beneath our own skin as well. Surprising isn’t it? We worked hard to achieve our mission but beyond that and underneath it all, we realized…beauty is skin deep, wellness goes a long, long way & great skin does not fall from the sky.

The magic wrinkle ingredient : Idebenone

August 2, 2012 (Thu)  |  By Administrator  |  In Research
Many skin care companies take pride in their own ability as a trend-setter and that’s no different from the skin care industry. Studies are being conducted regularly especially in the anti-aging field and we are witnessing the birth of many wrinkle miracles. The last years the fight against aging has not only intensified but also bold statements like “erase years off your face” and “stop time” started to seduce the consumer’s eyes. From CoenzymeQ10, to AHAs and other “Botox”-like ingredients all the light have been recently focusing on Idebenone.

Dry or dehydrated skin?

August 2, 2012 (Thu)  |  By Administrator  |  In Skin Care Tips
Most skin care mistakes come from not knowing if your skin is dry or dehydrated. Dry skin is unable to produce oil and because skin needs oil to retain moisture inside it can appear flaky and rough with visible fine lines or wrinkles. Dehydration is a skin condition characterized by the lack of water but it may still be able to produce oil.Skin type versus skin condition. Dryness is a skin type while dehydration is a skin condition. The skin type is something that you were born with, it will never change while the condition of your skin may do so depending on the climate, environment, physiological and phycological factors. Dehydration may affect combination, oily or normal skin but dry skin cannot experience dehydration.

How to choose the best sunscreens for your face?

August 2, 2012 (Thu)  |  By Administrator  |  In Skin Care Tips
The summer is not over yet there’s time left for a sunscreen talk. We don’t need to tell you how vital it is to wear a sunscreen 24h out of 24 h per day and in this article we are going to share with you our tips and tricks to choose the best sunscreen for your skin. But before we get started why not make sure we all know what we’re talking about. There is a difference between sunscreen and sunblocks, they are both UV protectors but they work in different ways. Sunblock work by creating a barrier between UV rays and skin and this blocks UV rays for even reaching your skin by reflecting them. On the other hand sunscreens, as the name says, work like a filter. They absorb harmful UV rays while other rays may reach the skin. Both sunscreens and sunblocks protect your skin but here are some tips on how to choose them for your skin.