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The researched effects of AHAs

July 17, 2013 (Wed)  |  By Administrator  |  In Research
Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs – have been known since Antiquity and they are familiar to those seeking youthful looking skin. Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in sour milk and Marie Antoinette in champagne, sources of lactic and tartaric acid. The most common AHAs there are:Glycolic acid – from sugar cane

What’s Collagen Synthesis?

September 21, 2012 (Fri)  |  By Administrator  |  In Research
To many of us the science of skin is quite baffling. However, there are certain medical terms that may seem intimidating but is essential to discern. Not knowing anatomical functions makes us become ignorant and often times, it ends up nothing near to bliss! If the term collagen synthesis triggers your curiosity, read more to learn all about it through a simpler yet useful way.

The magic wrinkle ingredient : Idebenone

August 2, 2012 (Thu)  |  By Administrator  |  In Research
Many skin care companies take pride in their own ability as a trend-setter and that’s no different from the skin care industry. Studies are being conducted regularly especially in the anti-aging field and we are witnessing the birth of many wrinkle miracles. The last years the fight against aging has not only intensified but also bold statements like “erase years off your face” and “stop time” started to seduce the consumer’s eyes. From CoenzymeQ10, to AHAs and other “Botox”-like ingredients all the light have been recently focusing on Idebenone.

Can scars fade?

August 1, 2012 (Wed)  |  By Administrator  |  In Research
Scars are more likely a matter of self-confidence that may not only affect our appearance but also the quality of our life. Although the majority of scars is barely visible, for some, the scars can severely disfigure not only the body, but the mind, states Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal. Luckily, recent studies have shown tremendous improvements in the management of scars and with the latest technologies and treatments the appearance of the skin can be dramatically improved and yes, scars can fade.

AHA or BHA, which one is better?

August 1, 2012 (Wed)  |  By Administrator  |  In Research
We’ve all heard about AHAs and BHAs and how important they are for the youthful look of your skin but few know what is the difference between them, how do they work and for what particular skin types or skin problems they are most suitable.  All these will be revealed below so keep reading.What is the difference between AHA and BHA?