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Hydra Boost Ceramides Twins

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The powerful moisture replenishing.Super moisturizing first essence with long last resultHydra Boost Ceramides First Essence (10ml)The Hydra Boost Cer..

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The powerful moisture replenishing.
Super moisturizing first essence with long last result

Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence (10ml)
The Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence gives you an instant infusion of optimal skin-enhancing hydration for all day long. Refreshingly lush on the skin, yet dynamically protective, this lightweight, non-greasy essence tenaciously guard your skin against dryness by supporting your skin's natural moisture barrier.

Key Benefits:
To repair the lipid layer, to lock in moisture, corneocyte regeneration.โ€‹

Hydra Boost Ceramides Moisturizer (50g)
Skin-transforming moisturizer enriched with mulberry root and grapefruit extract

It designed to reward your skin with a smooth and silky touch. Featured a synergistic antioxidants combination Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract and Morus Bombycis (Mulberry) Root Extract, dry skin instantly awakens to its natural smooth and supple appearance.

Key Benefits:
Repair and protect, moisture lock, cell regeneration

Product I: Hydra Boost Ceramides Moisturizer 

Size: 50g
Country of Origin: Singapore

Product II:Hydra Boost Ceramides First Essence 

Size: 10ml
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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Skin Type

Dehydrated Skin  ยท  Dry Skin