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Sensitive Skin



Although sensitive skin often appears listed as a skin type it is actually considered a very common skin condition. We are all prone to skin sensitivity at some point in our life.

The skin is protected against outside invaders by the skin’s immune system and the physical protective barrier. However, when the immune system reacts with a heightened response to certain stimuli or antigens, it causes the skin to inflame or irritate.Unlike any other skin type, sensitive skin easily reacts to environmental factors by revealing breakouts, irritations, burns or redness.

What causes sensitivity problems?

Knowing what allergens and irritants triggers your skin sensitivity will help to treat and prevent your sensitive skin problems.

What are allergens and irritants?

Allergens cause one person to be allergic to one particular ingredient. Irritants are those ingredients that someone is not truly allergic to but to which the skin reacts negatively.
allergens irritant


How do I know my skin is sensitive?

The most common signs of sensitivity are thin and fine textured skin, dry and tight sensation, dryness, redness, itching, burning, flushing and stinging sensation. Sensitive skin is prone to itching and redness as a result of using cosmetics/ingredients and it needs special, gentle care.