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Skin Dryness


Our skin is shielded by a protective barrier of fatty oils that includes sebum, our skin’s natural oil. The role of this oily protective barrier is to seal in moisture and not let it evaporate. But when we strip away the oil protection barrier, skin losses the ability to retain moisture, thus the moisture from the deeper layers is lost. As the skin becomes dry it is more prone to breakdowns and rashes.

Dryness is a skin type and is not to be confused with dehydration, when the skin looses water from the superficial layers. Read more about dehydration here.

Untreated, dry skin may cause irritations and skin inflammation. Also, a number of medical conditions can result in dry skin and the most common ones are eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, malnutrition or hytothyroidism 

Although dry skin is more felt as tight and rough than it is seen, some of the visual symptoms may include:

• Itching
• Red patches
• Rough skin, flaking and scaling


The good news is that most cases of dry skin can be treated externally by using the right products.