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Aging represents the acumulation of changes in our body over time, in the beauty industry this is most often refered to as dermal aging or how our skin reacts to damaging external and internal factors in time. The fastest aging signs you will notice earliest in your 20s are fine lines and a constant dehydration, later on wrinkles, age spots, dryness. As skin goes thinner and loses fat it becomes less firm and smooth.

Physical aging is caused by both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) factors. Internal factors are responsible for the natural aging process. The key agents that made your skin look young, collagen and elastin slow down their production, in turns, the turnover of dead-skin cells decreases too. The most visible changes you might notice on your face are fine line, thin skin and dryness.




Extrinsic factors gathered together with the regular aging process have a major contribution in premature-aging and the most harmful of all is sun exposure, responsible for premature aging in almost 90% of the cases. Also known as photo-aging, in terms of skin condition, the sun damaging exposure will reflect into loss of elasticity, pigmentation changes like liver spots, thickening of the skin and excessive dryness.

Besides the over the counter anti-aging products the market is full of other alternatives to treat and make some signs of aging less visible. In this case, the realistic expectation is talking about improvements and not an entire elimination of wrinkles, fine lines or elasticity. That’s why it’s alway good to invest in preventing them while your body can still react than to make them a concern when they are already too dificult to treat.