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product assurance

Skin Action Sebum Gel

The best skincare option for Blackhead Removal also known as Blackhead Remover and Reduces Whiteheads, better than Blackhead Strips, Blackhead Mask or Blackhead Scrub. Prevents blackheads on nose.

30 ml

82 Review(s)

SKIN ACTION SEBUM GEL is a phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This daily maintenance gel also reduces oil secretion, leaving the skin clear and producing smooth visible results within 10 days of application.

Best for congested skin and oily T-zone, teenagers and adults.


    • Controls excessive sebum
    • Reduces the formation of blackheads and whiteheads
    • Reduces skin inflammatory
    • Controls and prevents breakouts
    • Increases skin moistures and improves skin elasticity
    • Anti-irritation

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In Stock



  • sophiemakesherway:

    I was so amazed by this product the first time I bought it. You can see some results after only a week of use! It's the best product I have ever used to reduce sebum secretion, blackheads and whiteheads. Well, I still have blackheads, there is no miracle product to get rid of them completly, but my nose is now so smooth and my pores are clearly less visible. I think someone with less stubborn blackheads could get rid of them. Read More

  • AngelCakex3:

    The gel absorbs into my skin really fast. I've been using this product since September of last year. I been having really bad acne through my high school and middle school life and now that I turned 20 last year, I've tried Cellnique brand, my acne has really lesson. It shrank my pores and it really does help prevent whiteheads all over my face and blackheads around my nose :). I use 1 pump in the morning and 1 pump at night. This is my 3 or 4 time buying it. 1 bottle really does last 3 and a half months ^_^. It controls and prevents most of my acne. My face gets less oil during the day and my make up stays on longer. To me it also acts like a makeup primer. When i get an infected pimple, i dab this on it and it kills the bacteria on my pimple and heals it really fast the next day or less. When i put it on twice a day on my t-zone it feels really good because it feels cool and refresh each time .^w^. Skin action sebum gel calms the redness on my face :D. It's one of my favorite regiment of my skincare products :3. Would i recommend it. Yes very!!! Would i repurchase again and again, Yes. I would most likely purchase every 3 months because without it, i would probably break out more :o. This stuff really does the Job x3. What do you think? Please Comment below :D Read More

  • Emily from (Canada):

    The Sebum Gel was by far my favourite product. One of my biggest pet peeves with acne treatments is that they dry your skin out so not only do you still have the remnants from a zit but you also have an unsightly dry patch that is impossible to cover. This gel worked like magic, it dried up the spots overnight without drying my skin out! I used this morning and night on areas of my face that either had a spot or were I am normally prone to spots. This stuff is fantastic and definitely wins my vote for best of the three. Read More

  • From Secretlifeofabionerd Youtube Channel:

    This product has been the best thing that i used for my blackheads. When i put it on, i can feel a cooling and tingling sensation - other than that, this is really awesome. It also helps in preventing my makeup clogged up my pores.

  • Wendy from :

    This is the second video from Bentley Blonde, she explained what is sebum, blackheads and whiteheads. She have tried pores strip to try to get rid of blackheads, but it did not work until she used Skin Action Sebum Gel - which give her amazing results only after few days of application! Click and watch the complete video.

  • Wendy from :

    I put this on my T-zone, just one pump every night - and i can notice the diminishing of my pores which i never seen in other products with such results - this is really amazing and actually works! Click and watch review by Bentley Blonde youtube channel!

  • From (United States):

    this is the item that has been making my skin smoother and been getting rid of my bumps in my pore! First time I tired this item I was surprised at how it felt like it was burning my skin, it was really cooling effect on the skin but really intense but after like the 3rd time you use it you dont really feel it anymore. Dries quickly and its not sticky and there is no scent :D Read More

  • Elvira from (United States):

    Trust Me! This product did not work in any way at all on my skin. Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel is a clear liquidy gel in a pump dispenser. I felt the pump provided plenty of product for my nose, forehead and chin. It smelled terrible. It was HEAVY on the menthol scent. The scent faded after a while but it's not a pleasant scent to me. Once applied the product sunk quickly into my skin and left no sticky residue or anything like that. My skin did feel tighter once applying, and not in a bad way, and my T-zone did seem slightly mattified for a period of time after applying it. But my blackheads remained and my T-Zone was just as oily as ever. Total FAIL.

  • From

    As for the 10 day claim to smoother skin, I would say it Read More

  • Sheila from (Canada) :

    The actual changes in my skin have somewhat plateaued (ie. there isn Read More

  • From

    I was actually really skeptical that this product could help blackheads, because in my experience, most products don't do anything for my blackheads, which seem to have roots all the way to my bones or something. Pore strips don't do anything, scrubs don't do anything, masks don't do anything, and those random cleansers with this-or-that acid don't do anything either. So when I used this on my nose, I was thinking, "Ah well, I'll just use it for a couple of weeks, and mention that there wasn't a difference for my blackheads, just like any other product", but it did make some difference. It didn't make them all disappear (if it did I would have been REALLY surprised), but it lessened the severity of the blackheads. As you can see, they're smaller, and less deeply embedded. Read More

  • Amyroto from (United States):

    The Skin Action Sebum gel is my favorite new skin care product. I have been using this every morning and night. Simply pump a small pea-size amount onto clean fingers and massage all over your clean, dry face. I have not had a breakout in over a month since adding the Sebum Gel into my daily routine. Not one pimple! I really feel like this Gel keeps my oily skin at bay and keeps my pores clean, preventing breakouts. Read More

  • From (Singapore):

    The Skin Action Sebum Gel is a colourless and almost odourless. I use a full pump of this gel to cover my T-Zone (forehead and down my nose) as well as my chin. Initial application gives a cooling and almost minty feeling. What I really like about this product is that this gel absorbs very quickly into the skin, less than a minute in fact. But of course, I rub it in in tiny circular motions, I do not just smear it and leave it like that. I use this gel on cleansed skin. The gel definitely reduced the the size of my pores, got rid of my whiteheads and congested bumps. Thumbs up!! Read More

  • Eva from (Canada):

    The Skin Action Sebum Gel is probably what is keeping my acne at bay. I haven't been getting any new big pimples since using this. I would only get the occasional whitehead but nothing big like before. This has also cleared some of the pores on my nose I haven't been getting ANY breakouts on my nose at all!. Definitely will be buying more of this when I run out. Read More

  • Elle from (Malaysia):

    This is Cellnique Sebum Gel, really famous in the world now. Easy application, just pump a pea size on face and rub it in (after toning step). No waiting necessary, go on to moisturiser step. Smell: minty Took this enlarge picture of my nose. Eeek sorry for the gigantic nostril >.< I put arrows there on some really obvious stubborn blackheads. Well, pictures say a thousand words! I'll definitely continue using this Cellnique Sebum Gel, I not only uses it around my nose, also on my forehead, temples and chins :) Read More

  • From (United Kingdom) :

    This is my 17th day using this product, and I have to agree the blackhead's and whitehead's around my nose and on my chin are literally almost totally gone, I have a few but I'm ok with that. At first I had my doubt's whether this would actually do anything but it has impressed me, it has also made my t-zone significantly less oily, I'm only experience a little oil on very hot days. Read More

  • From (United Kingdom):

    I didn't see results until the second week of continuous use in the morning and evening - I guess this could vary with everyone as everyone doesn't have the same skin. So now that it has been over a month, I've noticed that the majority of my blackheads are virtually gone. There are, however, the odd couple of small ones still lurking about but they aren't noticeable at all. Read More

  • Natalie from (United Kingdom):

    I use this on any oily spots, and any blemishes I have or can feel coming up. It does make the spot less angry and red, as well as reducing it in size. I wouldn't say it clears up all spots... but treatment over a couple of days significantly improves the look of the blemish. Read More

  • Nic from (Japan):

    This is probably one of rare products that actually does what it says. I failed to review the Fancl pore treatment completely because I didn't see any changes towards my pores throughout the weeks of using it. Thus, I gave up on it. But with this Skin Action Sebum Gel, I've been wanting to continue to use this because of the positive changes! I can definitely see why this is such a popular product. This product is great for people who have problematic t-zones like myself. I would definitely recommend looking into this product if you're blackhead / oily prone around those areas. Read More

  • Camille from (Philippines) :

    i dont know if you notice the difference but yeah it works..well maybe not that much but it smoothens out the texture of my nose area,minimizes some of my pores,eliminates most if not some of my over populated comodones. Read More

  • Tiffany from (United States):

    Within a few days I saw a noticeable difference in the appearance of the blackheads on my nose, as they are always present in copious amounts no matter what I do to try to get rid of them. I was pleasantly surprised that after only 2 weeks of using this product, the blackheads on my nose are about 80% cleared up! I tried to take before and after pics of my nose but my camera was not having it! I guess you'll just have to take my word for it :) Sadly, I can't really say that I've noticed any sebum or oil control from this product, though. Read More

  • Kahani from

    Personally I may switch to Cellnique permanently once I've used up the rest of my B'liv serum as the slightly more expensive gel seems to work better for me. But if you have sensitive skin, B'Liv may just be a gentler offering that works just as well. The main drawback is how hard Cellnique is to find. I do know of a salon in Amcorp that sells it as does its website (USD55 is pricey though compared to local prices). If Cellnique doesn't get more expensive I'll very likely stick to it. Read More


    Just 2 weeks using this gel and my nose and chin area is almost blackhead and spot free Read More

  • From (United Kingdom) :

    a product that primarily helps control excess sebum, and reduces blackheads and whiteheads. I found this really effective at controlling the oiliness on my T-Zone, but would love to try a larger size to see if it helped with my blackheads. I think this product could be a hidden gem!

  • Meya from rockmebeautiful (United States):

    I have combination skin and I am not perfect. I have a few blackheads around my nose but not very visible, also I have an oily face but just on my T-zone. I struggle more with my oily T-zone but this Gel helps control it. Read More

  • Livia from (United KIngdom) :

    It's a bit minty on the skin, which I really like as it feels really refreshing! I apply it on my T-zone (across forehead, down my nose and chin) after the former product. I find that it actually does lessen the oiliness of my T-zone, but not that much that it really mattifies. It doesn't feel tight and my skin really likes it. Read More

  • Abby from (United Kingdom) :

    This is such a great little bottle to invest in for unblocked skin. I'm not saying that I am completely without spots because I still have surface white heads and redness on occasion but at least i'm not worrying about my nose and chin anymore and can battle those separately. I will be repurchasing the skin action sebum gel when it runs low. It is a new must in my skin care regime :) Read More

  • Blair from (Malaysia):

    I always thought that I have more whiteheads comparatively. This before and after picture shows that I have plenty of both white and blackheads *ewww*. I also think it helps in reducing breakouts as I experience fewer eruptions after introducing this gel to my skin care routine. One bottle can last a while since I only use it sparingly, about 1 pump for my entire face concentrating on my T-zone. Read More

  • Erynn from (United States) :

    This light, liquidy gel smooths on easily, and only a little bit is needed to cover a large area. The best thing is, it did clear up my acne within a short period of time (I started using this product when I was having bad breakouts)! It faded my acne and returned my skin to being clear & smooth. But it isn't a "miracle overnight" product, you need to wait to see results! I will say though, the results are not always consistent in regards to the time it takes to clear up acne. Read More

  • From (United States):

    This is my favorite product out of the 4. It has changed my skin! I have not broken out in a single pimple since after the first week of using this product. I did get 2 small pimples after the first few days but were gone 3 days after they appeared and that was that. They may have already been below my skin before my treatment started. So anyways, before I would always have at least 1 pimple on my face at all times, usually 2 or 3. If I was super lucky, I could go a week pimple free, tops. As I type up this review, I have used these products for 4 full weeks and I have not had a pimple for 3. Even my most problematic areas are acne free. My skin now is very smooth. Read More

  • From (Australia) :

    So, with the help of going facial periodically, thankfully the black/whiteheads are in control, BUT BUT BUT, once I get complacent and just put products for other needs, caring less for the black/white heads, they black/white heads appear rapidly before I realised it. I would think its essential to keep them in control and that Read More

  • Brooke from (United States):

    I personally experience light breakouts. After I had my kids my breakouts were painful. Now that I have that under control I am looking for something to use daily to help that is just a usual serum. You are to apply this to your T-Zone, or anywhere that it is needed. All you need is one pump. Blackheads seem to be almost gone. I never did have whiteheads, so I can

  • Tammy from (United States):

    I can say that overall I did like the product, but only for my T-zone, I think this was too much for my cheeks. The directions say to apply this to oily places and in all honesty my cheeks are the oiliest part of my face and when I applied this product there I noticed some redness and irritation. The first few times I applied this product you really do feel the coolness and tingling, kind of like how your mouth feels after you brush your teeth - fresh! On my T-zone this worked really well and I can say that there was barely any visible oil there, even 8 hours after applying it. I don't have a lot of problems with clogged pores by my nose, but I can now say that I have ZERO blackheads on my nose after using this.

  • Ahleessa From (United States) :

    I only used this once a day, mornings, on my nose. I have huge pores where a primer does not help. When I apply pressed powder on top of my nose, it sinks into the pores. :( By the way, I received a sample not the full size.

  • From (United States) :

    I received a small sample size of this and it only lasted for about 2 weeks so I only have 2 weeks of use to go off of. This did not really do much for me however it does help keep the oil at bay in your T-zone. It has a very mild acidic smell. I don't really have blackheads on my face so I was hoping it would even out/lighten my skin tone and tighten up my pores -- it did not. I used this every morning as instructed. For the first few days of using this product I woke up with little whiteheads. This was probably from the product pulling the impurities out of my skin, however, it didn't reduce the sebum secretion because I continued to breakout and have pimples beyond the 10-day period.

  • From (United States):

    I used this product everyday for six weeks. I did not notice any increase in my skin moisture, which is fine because my main purpose of using this product is to reduce blackheads. I don't often breakout or get too many whiteheads, but I have definitely noticed a reduction in blackheads. It isn't a significant reduction, but it is a noticeable result within two week. It does not fight against skin irritation (whatever that means), although it did not irritate my skin, which is great because most things irritate my skin! At $54 for a 15 mL bottle, this product is pricey. I recommend sampling it before you buy..... Read More

  • From (United States):

    It has a very nice and cooling feel to the gel. Once applied, you can feel the menthol-like feel to the skin from the peppermint ingredient. I have combination skin; oily in t-zone and normal on the rest, so I applied the gel only to the t-zone area. So far in the summer, it has kept my oils at bay so I'm pretty satisfied with the results. This gel has no noticeable scent to it, which was nice compared to the serum. I also love several ingredients that this product provides within the container. However, now that the weather is a bit cooler, I've stopped using it, but will probably pick it up again when the weather gets hotter.

  • Dina from (Singapore):

    This is probably the most raved product from Cellnique and I was really excited to try this and had really high expectation. It has clear gel texture and smells minty. When I applied it on my skin, it feels really cool and fresh, I don't have any stinging sensation. I do feel that it controls my excessive sebum but not much, it just keeps my oily skin at bay for a longer time than the usual. My most concern problems are blackheads on my nose and whiteheads on chin area. I don't see any difference on my nose, my blackheads are still as much as before which really disappoints me. But on my chin area, I do notice that the whiteheads are lesser, you can see from the pics below.

  • From (United States):

    This is my favorite product out of everything I tried. I've been using this on my T-zone and I really see a difference in my pores on my nose. I have also been using it as a spot treatment and on my chin. If I get a blemish I dab some of this on it at night and the next morning it has significantly reduced the size and appearance of it. This also has a peppermint smell and gives a cooling/tingly feeling on your skin. I love it!

  • Eugenia from (United States) :

    A little extra for the T-zone and congested areas. Surprisingly, this stuff still does not dry out your skin!

  • Paula from

    OK so this one i wasn

  • Linda from (United States):

    I use this on a daily basis and it's made it into my routine in the morning! I really love this stuff and I guess it really does its job. The first week of using it my blackheads on my cheeks literally started to fall off.. well I guess I kinda helped pull it out but still, it got rid of most of my cheek blackheads which is great so that I don't get more cystic acne! ^_^ It has a tingling (menthol) sensation at first when I apply it but after 5 minutes or less it'll go away. I'm not sure if it really controls my oil secretion but it doesn't make it worse. This is another product I would highly recommend! :D

*General - please take note that the reviews above is based on the bloggers own experience and genuine opinion. Cellnique has a zero-tolerence policy on fake reviews.

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  • Abby:

    It's the best blackhead product I've used so far--got rid of most of my blackheads! Works pretty quickly too, and with consistent use it's helped my blackheads on my nose tremendously.

  • Nadya:

    I have acne and very oily skin. I got blackheads especially on my nose and large pores. This is my 9th day using this product, and my face feels smoother (even I skipped cleaning my face twice in the night after I came home from the office!). My husband even said that my skin is a bit whiter. This serum absorbs on skin very quickly and I like the menthol scent. Will continue on using this product and cannot wait to see the continuous result.

  • Lisa:

    This product is great! I had mild acne and it cleared up within a week of use. My skin looked so dewy, like I had foundation on! I ran out and haven't used it in a week. I haven't broken out, but I see fine lines and wrinkles. I never want to run out again.

  • Cat:

    I like this serum a lot. I actually use it almost like a toner under my make-up--to keep me from getting as oily during the day. It feels really nice going on my skin.

  • Sandy:

    Works great! I have mild acne and when I use it, I don't get breakouts. So far I've finished using two bottles, will continue to buy.

  • Veronika:

    It's amazing. This gel worked like magic on me. I desolved a problem with spot in two weeks! This stuff is fantastic! I will buy one more!

  • Rebecca:

    This product is great! I didn't think it'd actually work, but it's been treating my skin well. Buy it! : D

  • Kay T:

    I love this product! I first purchased it two years ago. It works really well on my blackheads/whiteheads...especially on my nose. Within a few days you can see a big difference. It is a little pricey, but well worth the investment.

  • Bernadette:

    I bought the Skin Action Sebum Gel about two months ago and have been using it on my whole face (even though they suggest to only put it on your T-zone) and it has controlled the acne on my forehead. In about two weeks, the acne had faded from a pulsating, red lump to a barely visible bump. The acne is still there (due to the hormones going crazy with teenage life) but I am sure that within the next few months, my face will look flawless :)

  • Nicyw:

    This product is an absolute saviour for my skin. It clears blackheads and whiteheads leaving me with a smooth complexion.

  • Lisa:

    One of the best products I have used. I usually get some congestion on my forehead, nose and chin area, oily shiny skin and also moderate acne. I have used this product for 3 months now and my skin is as clear as it can ever be. My skin is smoother, pimple free, well hydrated and I don't get that dirty oily shiny glaze on my face at the end of the day like before. If I do get the odd pimple usually it would be really small and the scar fades away much faster with using this product. I would recommend this for daily use for maintenance of clear skin.

  • kawaiikimuchi:

    I love this product! I had such bad stress and hormonal acne spots around my mouth and since using this product I haven't seen them since! Recently, I thought maybe this doesn't work anymore and I stopped using it.... finally a spot has appeared and feel my nose is looking filled with gunk... keeping this in my regime. I have very difficult and oily skin, and this is still the only product that has worked for me.

  • Mask Diva:

    Have been using this for 3 weeks and this product is really great!!! I've always been a fan of Off with Those Heads and thought i'll give this a try. Both products are equally fantastic and i would say 90% of my black/ white heads are gone! I don't need to squeeze them out as they have alread been dissolve by Sebum gel! Love the packaging for this one ( looks more professional ) love this product! Highly reccommend!

  • Sonia:

    The first time I used this product (a good few years ago now), my whiteheads were gone within a week (I'd say I had about 50 or so whiteheads on each cheek)...I was absolutely elated! The gel felt really refreshing on my skin and I instantly felt like it was working. I also used it as a primer on some nights and it definitely helped with making my make-up stay looking fresher for longer. But then I started to spend my money on other things because my skin had cleared up significantly (it was so smooth!) and the whiteheads gradually came back :((( so I ordered this product again but this time, it didn't help, even after using it for several weeks. So my advice is to definitely give this product a shot (especially if you've got whiteheads) and then continue to use it (maybe just in the evenings or every other night) even after your skin has improved. The product is a little pricey but in hindsight, I should have continued using it...if I did, perhaps my skin would still be clear right now :(((

  • ai_love_gaara:

    First of all, while the price may look hefty, the product will last you a good few months because only a small amount on one fingertip is enough. It is an easy addition into one's daily routine without any feeling of oiliness. And also, more importantly, it WORKS. From the first application I felt a cooling, tingling feeling, which is true from a lot of products I've tried, but after a week, no new whiteheads had surfaced. At first I did not notice this because my attention was on my leftover scars from the whiteheads that I had at the time I started, but I will tend to the scars with something else. I try not to stake too much hopes on a new product. It was all very gradual, but towards the end of my bottle's life I was asked by a very pretty, cosmetic-world-wary friend about what I did to maintain "my smooth skin", and that it was "very clear". I am now aware that it must be this product's doing, for I have not changed anything else, nor do I wear makeup for coverage. I do not remember any recent outbreaks. My skin was put under control. I am saddened that I have run out. I have just ordered my second bottle! At least now I have finally found something that works for me. =)

  • Lorraine:

    This is the second time I purchase sebum gel by cellnique, though what I tried for the first time was Off Those Heads, which was a sebum gel from the sub-product line of bliv. They are equally amazing. I like the way it feels like on my face and the result as well. I'll definitely recommend to those blackhead victims.

  • Mary:

    Honestly, this sebum gel does cure skin inflammation and redness. When i first pinched my pimples and quicky applied on the serum on the wounded surface, the next day, the swolleness of the pimple became flatten and the redness was greatly reduced. Besides, the scars on my face are slowly faded as well. It needs to continually and consistently apply this serum if you want to get the best result. also, i was thought that the serum will be stinky, but once you massage evenly on your face, ur skin will absorb the serum fully and become smooth. it does not cause stinkiness. so no worries! one drawback is, the pricing is not quite reasonable! lol. i hope it can be cheaper, more promotions pleaseeee. :(

  • Huey:

    This stuff is amazing! My sister and i have been using it for the past week. I'm trying to tackle the blackheads on my nose and I've noticed that they are slowly diminishing. While on the other hand, my sister suffers from really bad acne and after using the gel for a week a lot of her pimples have disappeared. This is a must have product very handy for minor breakouts! Will definitely purchase again.

  • Tiffany Chung:

    I have been using this product for over a year now and this is seriously the best product ever for my acne. I haven't been able to use it consistently because of the price but I try to buy it when I can. I've noticed that when I do use this product, my acne and congested pores clear up. However, when I stop using it my face breaks out and there is nothing that I can put on my skin to make the acne go away excet for this serum. The gel when you put on your skin leaves a tingling feeling and it smells almost like mint/rosemary. As for clearing up blackheads, there are still blackheads on my skin but my whiteheads are nearly gone and my skin complexion is better as there are no bumps or whiteheads. Overall, I would purchase this product because it is amazing!

  • Athina:

    I bought my first bottle years ago and all I can say is I'm thrilled! Then best acne product ever! It did what was stated in commercial and even better. Approximately 10 days after using it 1 drop morning and evening, my skin started to look much better. It was much more hydrated, no flaking around the chin and nose area. Acne were reduced and blackheads also. Skin looked so good after a full month of using it. Even my beautician was surprised what happened with this product and how easily she could have pushed out the rest of blackheads. The amount will be sufficient for approximately 2 months so it's great investment. And a huge plus for the product - love that watery gel consistence and the fresh scent :)

  • Jana:

    I love this product, I just finished my first bottle and purchasing my second bottle. It has a refreshing,minty, tingling sensation when you put it on and has a light texture that get absorbed into your skin easily. I use this twice a day and noticed that my skin didn't break out as much and helped to clear my skin. I don't really have acne anymore, but I still get the occasional blemish. My skin is not nearly as bad as it was before and I will continue using this product!

  • jbrobeck:

    I can honestly say that the Skin Action Sebum Gel changed my life. This product is designed to reduce blackheads and it really does! Every time I stopped using it to "test" another skincare product, my blackheads (actually they were closed comedones, not blackheads) came back. Within just one week of using the Skin Action Sebum gel I noticed significant results. My pores appeared smaller and were much more clear. This product did what it said it would do, it cleared up my skin without causing irritation. It also made it very easy to perform extractions on my skin. I love it so much and I don't think I will ever stop using it!

  • Lily:

    I love this stuff!!! since i started using this i have not seen whiteheads or black heads as well as pimple. it is a little pricey but i think it is well worth the money. I WILL DEFINITELY REORDER ONCE I RUN OUT. you have to try this if you have combination to oily skin.

  • christine:

    I've been using this product for over a month and what is most notable is how my blackheads have diminished. My whiteheads still persist, but my overall oiliness has lessened to a degree. I'm hoping with continued use my facial oiliness will lessen with time. My whiteheads are few, but stubborn so if the Sebum Gel gets rid of them great, if not I'm hoping the gel will keep me from getting new ones. I do agree with others about the price, it's a little high, but with the results I've had so far I'll probably buy it again. If I notice more improvments over time I'll update my review.

  • Diana:

    I absolutely LOVE this product!!! I have suffered from acne for the longest time, and have been through EVERYTHING! From drugstore to dermatologist prescriptions, nothing worked. My only cure was Accutane, but because it is so risky and expensive, I decided not to do it. I came upon this product, and it has changed my life. Not only does it help with current acne, it helps to prevent them as well. And best of all, it actually helps with acne scarring too!! Give it a week, and you will see a major difference to your skin, if you are as acne-prone as I am. It is also great for oily skin because it is a gel-like consistency. My face has substantially created less oil since using this. It is also very moisturizing. It is recommended to use a moisturizer after, but because it is so hydrating and moisturizing, I don't have to use one. The only downside is the price... but for how amazing this product is, I also repurchase.

  • Kristin:

    My boyfriend noticed a change in blackhead appearance after one week of use. I now have fewer blackheads to worry about. When I don't use this product, I notice that a lot more blackheads pop up! But as soon as I apply the serum, the blackheads disappear!

  • Sharon:

    This is one of my favorite cellnque products. After reading reviews on other people's blog i purchased this along with a mask. After one night of use i could see a difference. I used to have stubborn white heads and black heads and now i rarely get any. The minty cool feeling is awseome. I can really feel it working! this item is the best!

  • Nori:

    What a great product! 2 months after use, I no longer had facial congestion and whiteheads which were troubling me for the past 1 year! Even my facialist commented on the smoothness of my skin. I'm just glad extraction is no longer painful during my facials. Thanks Cellnique for this wonderful product!

  • Melanie:

    This product does everything it says and more. I would say, a miricle product and perfect for part of a daily routine. It feels so light on your skin and I found It cleared up a everything and gave me that model complexion. One of my biggest problem areas is no longer an issue. Lately, I have had absolutely no spots at all to deal with and not even a blemish. I've actually had no horrible summer shine to my skin and I feel and look amazing for hours. This product is worth every penny and I will be stocking up very soon.

  • Adrina:

    I like the scent and texture of this product. It has a minty after effect on the skin and best of all, it does not leave any sticky feeling. After I started using it, I have had no new pimples at all! This is amazing as before this, I always had 3 - 4 pimples on my face. When old ones dry up, new ones pop out. So this product has totally helped me get rid of my biggest problem. I use it religiously every morning and night. As a side note, it didn't appear to do much for my oiliness problem and blackheads.

  • Courtney:

    I recently received this in the mail (sample). I have to say that this did the job. Although I didn't apply on my T-Zone I used this primarily for my nose and black heads. The product is light, glides on, and I don't even notice the peppermint smell! I don't notice a tingly feeling either (maybe it's just me!), and I have to say I love this product and look forward to ordering soon! What I don't like is how much it costs.. but I guess great skin costs money - haha! I have to say, this made my skin feel smoother, and reduced some redness I had (from dry, irritated spots.) I apply this in the morning and at night time after my daily face washing routine.. This product is great! :)

  • From (Malaysia):


  • Janicemic from

    I apply this on my clean face after toner. Despite the sebum gel is thick in consistency, it absorbed really well in to my skin. I apply them on the area where my pores are really huge and where blackheads and whiteheads are present. I am surprised at how well the sebum gel work. It keeps my oily skin at bay and my blackheads are so much lesser and that contribute to my pores looking smaller. I love how the gel work at making my skin less congested. It makes my skin texture better.

  • Jen from (United States):

    Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel on my face. I dot it on sections of my freshly washed face then rub it in. It has a slight cooling sensation at first and absorbs very, very quickly. It's matte almost as soon as it touches your skin. It feels nice for me and didn't make my skin tight, but probably not the best if you have drier skin. I moisturize right afterward with my regular facial lotion. Disclaimer, I didn't receive this sample from any company and I'm reviewing of my own accord with my 100% honesty as always! :)

  • Minnie:

    I have really really oily skin! I have been using this product for about 2 month and noticed a big difference. I am usually oily by the middle of the day, but since using this Skin Action Sebum Gel my skin has turn over a new layer of skin. My blemish have disappear and I am able to use less makeup. My skin looks flawless and I am so glad I gave this product a try.

  • Joni:

    I usually get pimples on my t-zone..after using the sebum gel samples, pimples have been reduced! blackheads lesser, though they still do come up. However, I think it's not a "magic" formula. My clogged pores ( think they're called white heads?), are pretty stubborn. I still have to do manual extraction. The good thing is that extraction is much easier after using the gel. Recently stopped using it after I finished the samples and my pimples returned. So it must really be the work of the gel. I'm going to buy a full-sized product right now!

  • Carly:

    I don't know why but I think I am the only one who find this product not working. My blackheads stay the same. It did not lessen or lighten. My oil secretion is the same. I am disappointed because this item costs me $50+. Too expensive. I would not repurchase. :(

  • Joey:

    love the tingly feel and how it dries up quickly. blackheads have significantly reduced. i feel skin care absorbs better after applying skin action sebum gel. skin is really smoother now. old wounds heal faster and better. i actually look forward to using it

  • Salwa Adila (Perth, Australia):

    I used this product for more than a year now and i only use it in the morning, everyday. Thus, one bottle can last me for close to 6 months, good value for money! Before i was introduced to this product, i have major problems with blackheads and acnes/blemishes. When i started to use this product, i use it twice a day, i felt slightly tingled and it fades away as i use it more often and after 2-3 weeks, i noticed my blackheads started to reduce and so do my acnes. and today, i only use SASG once a day and twice when i got hormonal, close to my menstrual cycle. No more blackheads and no more shiny T-zone and only few zits here and there sometimes. I'm a happy chicken!

  • Hayley (Malaysia):

    I've been a loyal fan of Cellnique for almost 4 years. And I'd say I'm fortunate enough to find a skin care product which suits my skin type ;). The middle: To tackle my blackheads problem, I use Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel. I used to have whiteheads too on my forehead but the condition improves alot now ;)

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witch hazel extract Witch Hazel Extract:
The use of Witch Hazel to disinfect the skin has significantly reduces the presence of bacteria on the face, this reduction limits skin inflammation and the likelihood of acne or comedones developing.
male fern root extract Male Ferm Root Extract:
Reduce skin inflammatory and irritation with its soothing effect. It is able to control and prevent future breakouts on skin. It also helps improve skin
potassium azelaoyl diglycinate Potassium Azelaoyl Diglycinate:
Has been used to control the secretion of excessive sebum thus decrease the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. It is also helps prevent skin discoloration caused by acne or comedones without over drying the skin. Besides, it also increases skin moistures and improves skin elasticity.
Purified Water (Aqua), Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Extract, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) Extract, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Poly(Oxy-1,2-Ethanediyl), α-(Donyl Phenyl)-ω-Hydroxy, Sodium Hydroxide, Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Oil, Male Fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Potassium Azelaoyl Diglycinate, Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Leaf Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea

• Use day and night after cleanser, toner and eye care
• Apply on oily, T-zone area in up and outward circular movements
• Let the skin absorb the serum
• The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening
• The product lasts between 2 and 3 months until completely used

how to use skin action sebum gel