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We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of Cellnique products. All products are sold with a 30-day-assurance. If you are not satisfied after using any of the products, you may receive 100% cash refund or exchange to another product with same or lower value, within 30 days from the purchase date. Users experiencing defective or damaged products may have them exchanged for new ones at no cost.

100% Product Safety

Cellnique uses only necessary ingredients in all products. There are no hidden ingredients - just clean, pure, and safe ingredients that uphold the standards of honesty and integrity, which have come to characterized our products.

You will find the full ingredients list for each product on the label - the listing of the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) chemical names, they were listed in descending order according to the level of concentration.

Our product safety statement:

  • Produced in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP*) factory
    • * GMP - Guidance that outlines the aspects of production and testing that can impact the quality of a product.
  • All used ingredients come with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS**)
    • ** MSDS - Also known as PSDS (product safety data sheet), is a form with data regarding the properties of a particular substance.

For more information about our ingredients, please contact or visit Ingredients glossary

at you will find GENUINE cellnique products

To avoid counterfeit good and to enjoy the safety, quality and performance of Cellnique product, always look for a glossy white seal with “CX” printing on the bottle cap. Please avoid using Cellnique product that has defaced seal. Notify and return the product to