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Cellnique's Blogger Community

What is our blogger community?

Most of the bloggers enjoy testing our products and writing reviews about them, others blog about their overall experience with the company or simply mention us in one of their posts. Regardless of how you choose to write about Cellnique if you believe that our products can make a
difference for your skin you can hop in onboard.

But let’s get things cleared out first. Just because it says “Cellnique’s blogger community” it doesn’t mean that bloggers are persuaded into writing all honey and milk about our products.

Bloggers join our community because both Cellnique and them:

  • Share an interest in good quality products
    As our products can offer viable solutions for problematic skin conditions, we believe people should be aware of good products that might solve their skin problems and we both make an effort to put the word out there.
  • Put all the passion into our art
    Call it cosmetic junkie, obsessed with beauty or child of the skin care industry, we are simply passionate about what we do and we can’t stop.
  • Play fair
    We respect what bloggers have to say and we couldn’t ever even think of manipulating the content  released on a blog post. We appreciate all opinions regardless if they’re positive or not, all of them are constructive and this is the most important element that stands proof for our passion and professionalism.

Why should I join the community?

If you want to have access to different collaboration opportunities (and by that we don’t mean simply writing reviews on our products), access to special promotions and discounts on our products to use for your readers or yourself, exposure on our website, blog, or through our newsletters and more this is a place you might want to stick to.

How can I join Cellnique’s Blogger Community?

Access to the blogger community is gained by invitation only either from us or from another blogger.
Interested in joining our exclusive blogger community? Sign up or write us at for more information.