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product assurance

Advanced Bio Renewal Masque

A gentle AHAs exfoliating masque

50 g

45 Review(s)

This unparalleled clay mask is formulated with bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and acids complex. ADVANCED BIO RENEWAL MASQUE works effectively in exfoliating dead cells, optimizing cellular renewal performance and deep pore cleansing, thus revealing a softer, fresher and healthier skin.

For all skin types and all ages.


    • Exfoliates dead skin cells and deep pore cleansing
    • Optimizes cell renewal performance
    • Slows down aging process
    • Instant lightening, brightening and whitening effects


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In Stock
  • Betty Girl Makeup:

    They call this a "scrub mask" and rightfully so. It has large chunks of pineapple in it, thus making it smell like fresh pineapples. And not the fake smelling kind, it's truly fresh and really nice. I use this mask once a week. I apply it all over my face and down my neck and let it set for about 25 - 30 minutes or until it's dry. I then splash with some warm water and exfoliate my face before rinsing. The after results are immediate and pretty amazing. My skin is instantly glowing and my skin has that deep clean feeling like I get after using my Clarisonic. My pores are really cleaned out and the glowing lasts for days. Be careful when using this, though! It's easy to over exfoliate and apply too much pressure with this stuff. The chunks can be a bit abrasive and if you're having a breakout, be extra careful around red and inflamed areas. Folks with sensitive skin types will probably find this too harsh for them and I wouldn't recommend it. This is one of my favorite products from the Cellnique line! My biggest complaint is about the packaging - there are no usage instructions. If you want to know how to use this product, you have to go to the website and look it up. That's not thinking about the customer and I highly suggest Cellnique rethink this if they ever do a repackage on this. It loses a star because of this. Read More

  • Nikki:

    OMG I LOVE THIS SUTFF with all my heart and soul!!(to dramatic xD). But Ya! I love this stuff a lot!!!. I use it once or twice a week. It's one of my products that does the best job!! This scrub helps prevent me from breaking out and it's because it cleanse my skin really deep. It helps my blackheads rise up and easy for me to remove them. I put this on after i cleanse my face and leave it on for 20-25 minutes. Next, i splash a bit of water on my skin and then i massage it like I'm cleaning my skin for 10-20 seconds. Next i rinse it off. After my skin is rinsed, it feels like my skin is breathing air now :D. This stuff deeply unclogs my pores from dirt, oil, debris, and dead skin. It helps remove peeling skin that i have from acne. When my pores are clean, that means those clean pores will not get acne. Every time i don't use this for 2 weeks, my skin feels like it can't breath ): This scrub really does brighten my skin. I like the feeling after i use this; it makes my skin super extremely soft like a babies skin, my skin feels fresher, breathable, smooth and very clean. This masque last me up to 4-5 months depending how much i use a week. If they make a everyday cleanser like the scrub, I would defiantly buy it no matter what the cost!!! i would buy it!. I would repurchase this every time i run out for years and years :D. I will never stop using this stuff!! Read More

  • From (United States):

    This mask looks and feels like a scrub, with thick and creamy texture. It has an off-white color and a slight strawberry scent. I massaged it for a couple of minutes twice a week all over my face after cleansing, then rinsed it off after 20 minutes. This stuff is wonderful! It Read More

  • From

    Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque ($51 USD)- This masque is instant gratification! Your skin is instantly smooth and refreshed after using it. It exfoliates dead skin cells and purifies skin for a softer, healthier looking complexion!

  • From various bloggers:

    Watch various bloggers review on Advanced Bio Renewal Masque, source from: Lisasz09, sardun1 , XppinkXx , Smerfette!

  • Sheila from (Canada) :

    This is one of my favourite recent purchases. First off, it just smells amazing. I was told that it was going to smell like pineapples, and it really does. But more like fermented pineapples, although the fermented part doesn Read More

  • Emma from (United Kingdo:

    Since recieving this product I have used it at least once a week and I still have at least half a tub left. Although I have never really seen very visible results from face masks since my skin is already in pretty good condition, I can say that this definately leaves the skin feeling refreshed, clean and soft. I love to use it if my skin is feeling congested or dull, as it really cleans deep down and leaves my face looking brighter and smoother. Read More

  • Donna from (Canada):

    As you can see my pimples pretty much look EXACTLY the same. Some are flatter.. some developed. It could also be that it's that time of the month and hormones are extra meaning extra nastiness on your skin. The masque claimed to 'prevent' pimples which it didn't do for me. What I absolutely love about these products is that it really, really does hydrate and sooth your skin. My face is not irritated and itchy as it used to be. I'm sure that if i continued to use the products my acne would start to go away. I've been using the masque and the moisturizer for about 2 weeks and a half and it does take awhile for pimples to completely disappear.. especially if you have skin like mine. Read More

  • From (United States):

    I use this masque once a week, I think this masque is amazing!! smell like yummy pinapple and after the masque you can wash off like a facial scrub since there is small particles in the masque~ after the masque my face is super smooth and soft!! I love it ^0^ Read More

  • Elvira from (United States):

    After rinsing off the masque my skin felt so smooth. Like I couldn't stop touching it. My skin glowed. It wasn't red or raw it just looked fresh. Oh and my skin felt smooth for at least 2 days after using the masque. It wasn't a temporary feeling. My skin actually felt improved for a few days after use...which is excellent for a masque product. I used this masque once a week for a month and I can't say for sure it was the masque alone, but I swear that my skin on my forehead seemed less congested after a month of use. Even better? Read More

  • Amyroto from (United States):

    I have used this product once to twice a week for the last 5 weeks. After cleansing my face, I apply it all over my face, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. Then, I gently rub the product in circular motions across my entire face for about 20 seconds before rinsing it off. Read More

  • Nic from (Japan):

    Results: My skin was left smooth after using this product. At first I was a bit scared I might have a reaction to it because I felt a slight burning sensation using this product (as reassured on the box)! There were slight discomfort for the first few minutes then the sensation kind of dissipates. The grain isn't too harsh on the skin and exfoliates decently. My skin did look visibly smoother and felt clean after using it. I can't comment if it has any brighten effects because I am using other brightening skin care products and I only use this in the evening lol. I'm very glad this product hasn't broke me out because this is quite a strong product to use. Read More

  • Camille from (Philippines) : skin is super soft!!its the softest state my skin has ever been,i used Laniege strawberry Peeling gel,and Skinfoods, they both make my skin soft but not as soft as when i used Cellnique's.. i noticed that my skin became lighter,i really like this mask,the sample size is good for two usage,well atleast for me, i can only assure you that every time i used this the after effect is just i guess the long term effect of this is better than using it twice. Read More

  • Tiffany from (United States):

    I feel indifferent about this product. I'll probably use it up eventually just because I have it but I wouldn't purchase it again. It's a good exfoliator. That's it. Good but not great or amazing. One of my major issues with this product is that after I wash my face at night, all I want to do is go to bed. The last thing I want to do is sit there for another 10-20 minutes waiting for my face mask to do whatever it is it's supposed to do. There are much faster ways to exfoliate your face, in my opinion. The product itself is good, though. Read More

  • From (Malaysia):

    It smells wonderful! I love the pineapple scent on my face. It smells absolutely yummmmmy!!! When I wash it off, I splash water to my face first to moisture the dried mask again. Rub in gentle circular motion to exfoliate my face. One thing great about this mask is, the tiny bits in the mask can use as exfoliation so I do not use a scrub prior to application. Result: Happily cleansed pores. Read More

  • From (Malaysia):

    I like how this product spreads onto my face smoothly unlike some clay masks that can be quite hard to smooth on (especially after awhile when it starts drying up in the tube). I also love how it softens my face (quite surprising considering its kinda like a clay mask which is known to give the dry feeling sometimes) after use!! :D Read More

  • Michelle from (United States):

    I was most excited to try the masque, because really, who doesn't love a good masque? Well, this one is definitely my new favorite. First of all, it smells like pineapples. As I very impatiently wait for summer to arrive, wearing a masque that smells like a tropical fruit is a major plus in my book. The masque goes on smoothly and washes off wonderfully. It's incredibly creamy, and stays moist while it's on my face. I can't stand masques that dry out while they're still on my face, leaving my skin itchy and red. Thankfully, that was not even remotely an issue with this masque. After using it, my skin was incredibly soft, smooth, and fresh looking. Read More

  • Paris B from (Malaysia):

    Just after 1 use, my skin felt better already. However, I won Read More

  • From (United Kingdom):

    I really, really loved this masque. It has quite a strong pineapple scent which may not be to everyone

  • Meya from rockmebeautiful (United States) :

    The masque itself is a clay texture with small brittle exfoliating grains. I use the masque once a week. I start of by applying it evenly on my face and neck after I have washed my face but while my face is still a bit wet. I leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes or until masque is completely dry. Then I rinse well and wipe dry with a clean towel. Read More

  • Helena from (Slovenia):

    I've used this masque once per week, for four weeks. This one as well tingled when I applied it, but that feeling went away after 5 minutes. I left it on for 15 minutes and that washed it off with outward circular movements (so that the peeling could work). It left my skin really soft!

  • From (United States):

    This masque is made with bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and acids complex, which makes me feel good about using it. It cleans deep down to my pores while the texture also helps to exfoliate old skin cells. This also strengthens cellular renewal performance. It is a pleasure using this masque, from the nice scent and soft clay-like texture to the way my skin feels afterward- soft, smooth, fresh, and vibrant. Read More

  • K from (Japan) :

    Pros: - this really works! It makes my skin feel very soft, and it stayed that way for a few days! - with enzymes, AHA, and the particles, there is GOOD exfoliation! - even without rubbing the mask in, it exfoliated my skin Cons: - I felt stinging, most likely from the AHA. - It smells like strawberries, which I don't really like.

  • From (Canada):

    I really liked how my soft skin felt after using the mask. The best part is the micro beads which makes exfoliating easy. If you don't like overly fruity scents I wouldn't recommend this because its very strong. Personally I didn't have a problem keeping it on my face 20 minutes. Honestly the ($51.00) price is a major set back. That is A LOT of money to spend on one product but I will admit this jar will last awhile!

  • From (United States):


  • Erynn from (United States) :

    The little exfoliating bits are gentle, but as with any exfoliating product, it might be harsh on sensitive skin, even more so because of the AHAs. I did not really feel any "mild tingling sensation" like the product description states, but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, haha XD This masque did not irritate my skin though. The overall results? Radiant, clear, smooth, soft skin! Read More

  • From (United States):

    Once I wash off the mask, wow! It pulls up all the junk in your pores! Especially on my nose I could see stuff coming out of my blackheads eeeew. My skin felt radiant after. I love, love this mask. It took me a few weeks to get used to some of the sensations but the effects of it are amazing from the start! Read More

  • From (United States) :

    Mild Tingling Sensation. I noticed it during initial two applications. Then I believe my skin got used to it. Its very mild and lasts for just 30-60 seconds. Also, as mentioned above, the masque does not dries completely like any clay mask, even though it has Kaolin as a part of ingredient. As a result, the skin does not feels itchy, dry or stretched after removing it off. Read More

  • Kim from (United Kingdom) :

    I love the packaging of this masque - it's very heavy and sturdy and looks brilliant sat on my dresser. On to the product and the first thing I noticed was the scent. It reminded me exactly of pineapple cream cheese. An acquired scent and perhaps an odd one to associate with a skincare product. It's not too overpowering but it definitely takes some getting used to. As with most good face masks, this one has a thick texture. I used this as directed once a week and I found my skin was left feeling clean, soft and smooth.

  • Kelly from (United States):

    The texture is a creamy clay and spreads easily over the skin. It also contains small beads to give you a nice little scrub as you massage your face and rinse off. You all know I'm a bit of a mask whore so it takes a lot to impress me but I love everything about this stuff from the scent to the consistency to the way my skin feels baby soft after applying it! Read More

  • Dina from (Singapore):

    This is my most fave product out of the 6 products that I've tried. The texture is clay type with very fine bits in it. It has a fruity scent which reminds me of Pineapple Tart (Kue Nastar) and I really love it. It makes my skin feel really smooth after I rinse it and I feel like I can't stop touching my face :D. I believe that this mask has also made my skin look brighter and fairer as I find that my current foundation looks a bit dark on me now. It's definitely a new love for me :).

  • From (Canada):

    I love this masque. I've never been much of a masque person. For some reason I never take the time to pamper myself with one, but I have loved using this masque. It has a refreshing mild tingling sensation and I adore the scent. My skin is becoming clearer and more radiant the longer I've been using it.

  • From (United States):

    The mask is to be used once a week to deep clean and brighten your skin. I actually use this 2-3x a week. It smells almost like a tropical drink (I think the smell is way too strong, but it goes away after a while). Just like the serum (Skin Action Gel Plus), this mask stings a lot on open breakouts. However, I put up with that because it really brings deep cystic acne up to the surface, where the serum can do its job. This mask has also faded my acne scars, and I love how I instantly look bright when I wash this mask off!

  • Katrina from (United States):

    The masque itself is a clay texture with brittle exfoliating grains. You apply it to your skin right after you wash and your skin is still a bit wet. The masque is left on for a total of 15 - 20 minutes, and then while you are washing it off, you have done the job of cleansing, rehydrating, brightening, and smoothing skin.

  • Jamie from (Malaysia):

    ..... After using Advanced Bio Renewal Masque, my face came out smoother and softer. It Read More

  • Linda from (United States):

    This left my skin feeling unbelievably soft but I was really turned off by how messy it is! It's a clay mask so I mean I should've expected that but I'm not sure if the mess is worth it for me. I may have to suck it up and use it more often if I really want to get rid of my acne scarring. My skin after using it did feel softer, fresher, and healthier as it claimed so it did its job. This smells like dried bananas to me (but I may be retarded) not pineapply like it says! But its okay, I love bananas so no problem in the scent department. This is something I would recommend unless you're just clumsy like me because I ended up with some of this gunk in my hair!..... Read More

  • From (United States):

    This has to be my FAVE product of the bunch! It's like a EXFOLIATOR & MASK in one!! I'm soo happy they sent me a full size tub! It smells soo good, like yummy pineapple or a Big Island Cookie (some of you know what I'm talking about!), the exfoliating bits mixed in make a great gentle exfoliator when you wash the mask off. To me it's not as deep cleaning as my Aztec Secret, but this mask makes my skin so SOFT & BRIGHT after using it! I LOVE IT! :) I didn't mix it with the Vita Repair Milk as suggested since I only had a sample size of that. Read More

*General - please take note that the reviews above is based on the bloggers own experience and genuine opinion. Cellnique has a zero-tolerence policy on fake reviews.

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  • Tina:

    Don't be fooled by the smell (I'm not a big fan of pineapple) BUT this stuff works miracles! I've got normal to mixed skin type and decided to use it after shower when pores are bit more opened. Since here is winter, my skin is prone to flakiness in some part of my face. Loved the texture of the product - mousse like with scrub particles & you don't need to put a loads of it. As with most of Cellnique brand products - less does the work. After rinsing the masque (15mins), skin felt baby smooth! Blending make up after that gives great results.

  • Andrea:

    This product smells wonderful. Felt like my dead skin was being removed when I put it on and did the scrub. My face smells and looks wonderful.

  • Beasley:

    WOW! Love this product:) It made my skin soft and smooth.. even though at first I didn't know if it would actually work... But it did ! thank you Cellnique:)

  • Susan Chu:

    This was my photo took before and after. My skin looks radiance without any makeup base, feel refresh, mild relax, lifted my face, pores get smaller and tired look no more...feel happy..this masque prepared me for a new day. :)

  • My Dressing Table (Malaysia):

    I like the smell of the advanced bio-renewal masque and I think it really serves its purpose of exfoliating. If use in long run, it really gives you a smooth to the touch complexion. The only thing I don

  • Joni:

    I won this from a Cellnique facebook contest, and I really love it! Would have been better if it came with a spatula though. Smells like pineapples. After the first use, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth my skin felt. I know we should avoid touching our face too much, but I could not stop using my fingers to feel how dramatically different my face felt that night!

  • babysaffron:

    I've got a small sample... The sample maybe small, but it it produces BIG result. It brightens up the face instantly. Skin becomes very soft and got the flawless looked. And i don't have to wait very long for the masque to work. Does 2 things with one product. Best!

  • Sushi from Le Blog de Sushi (Australia):


*General - please take note that the reviews above is based on the bloggers own experience and genuine opinion. Cellnique has a zero-tolerence policy on fake reviews.

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and earn 250 reward points for every reviews you write.

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biocell-el BioCELL eL:
Advanced Bio Renewal Masque contains 20% BioCELL eL, Cellnique’s exclusive acid complex formulation that uses AHAs to accelerate cell renewal rates, enzymes and vitamins to neutralize and prevent possible irritation by the acids.
alpha-hydroxyl acids aha  Alpha Hydroxyl Acids  (AHAs):
AHAs are known to have the ability to rejuvenate skin by exfoliating dead cells from the skin, this further causes the skin to grow new cells to replace the damaged cells. AHAs also helps in wrinkles and photo-aging.

enzyme Enzyme :
Papaya enzyme + Bromelain from pineapple fruit extract • Bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapple plant, Bromelain helps digest keratin protein and promote exfoliation effectively. Skin appears smooth and brightens after the dead skin cells being removed. Papain, an enzyme derived from papaya, helps exfoliate damaged and dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores that can result in skin eruptions. It is able to whiten and soften the skin, heal wounds and prevent the subsequent development of pimples.

• Use after cleanse and toner once a week;
• Apply evenly on face and neck;
• Apply in up and outward circular movements (avoid this step if you have sensitive skin)
• Rinse well and wipe dry with a clean towel
• The content of the product can be used for 12 months after opening
• The product lasts between 3 and 4 months until completely used

how to use advanced bio renewal masque